Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lovin' on Vicky's!!!

(This one's for you, Amanda!)

I have fallen back in love with VS... Victoria's Secret has their "Secret Rewards" promotion going on through November 30th. Any purchase $10 or over will get you a Secret Rewards card, one per customer per day. Plus, their new lines with the ruffles are adorable.

December 1st you can go to the store or online to find out what your card is worth, guaranteed for $10 but possibly worth up to $500. The card is valid December 1 - 19th.

Here's how to work the deal:

Buy 1 pair of underwear $7.50 and 1 tin of mints $3 = $10.50 + tax, get 1 rewards card.

December 1st or after, redeem for 1 pair of under wear $7.50 and 1 tin of mints = $10.50
- $10 card = $0.54 cents

This deal's sweeter if you have the free lipgloss with any purchase coupon. My store was giving out free catalogs with your purchase today, too.

Plus, how sweet would it be if you won the $500 store credit?

Come back and tell me how it goes!

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