Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10 Target: Today's Trip $9.36

Total: $9.36
Value: $43.56

Not the greatest picture quality, but there's 2 Ponds multi-packs, Degree travel sized, GE energysmart lightbulb, 2 NYC nailpolish, 2 Vaseline lotions, 2 pairs of pj shorts, 4 Gerber graduate yogurt drops (had a $1 catalina but just needed them), and 1 pj tank top.

Some of these deals are no longer available for print


$1 off any Degree deodorant - use on 97 cent travel sized = FREE

$1.50/1 Ponds Target + $1.50/1 Man. Here or Here (Buy 2 for $4.36 rec $5 Target Gift Card) = FREE plus overage after giftcard
    ***this deal is unadvertised in Valparaiso and Merrillville, IN have your cashier ring up to confirm, but it worked in Merrillville 11/30/10. Must be the Original w/2 additional 5 pack samples***

$1/1 Suave hair product - use on 97 cent shampoo or conditioner = FREE

$1/1 NYC color cosmetic (look under "all you exclusive) AND $1/1 NYC nail polish (located @ coupons.com but prints as a Target coupon) - buy $1.72 polish = FREE

Note: I did this in 2 transactions, the Ponds and everything else first and then used the gift card on the Graduates to reduce my OOP expenses.

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