Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Venturing out

I have been inspired. I have always been pretty open-minded about things but it took my love of writing and office supplies to lead me straight into the midst of a coupon obsession. At the beginning of September this year I stumbled upon a deal at walgreens that would score me 4 pilot pens for $1.

I couldn't resist.

I've gone to CVS once in awhile and was delighted when what I bought printed me out a buck or so in ECB's but didn't think much of it and normally would just forget about them. But it was this particular pen transaction that got me hooked.

Who doesn't love free stuff? And in this economy anything I can do to try and get our bills down is great. What people don't realize about couponing is that it's fun. That's why they call it the Drugstore Game. My favorite part of the week is scanning the drugstore ads and my coupons to look for matchups. I'm not a hoarder or a boring old biddy, I'm just a young mom looking to save money on non-negotiable items to put towards other parts of my life.

There's many websites you can look at to learn about couponing. What I'm hoping to achieve is a place where you can look to find not only nationwide deals and offers, but also grocery matchups applicable to northwest indiana, the inserts you're likely to find in which local paper and a price list of common items that you should never pay more for.

I have other goals besides couponing I'd like to try here, too, like craft tutorials and possibly an "apron swap" (or giveaway). We'll see how it goes. For starters, let's just jump right into the deals.

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